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Welcome to March! While catching up on some reading, I came across several articles providing useful tips and information that can help online retailers begin March on the right foot.

First, if you haven’t seen the monthly "Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas" series on Practical eCommerce, be sure to check out their top tips for March. Each idea comes from a different industry expert. A few of my favorites are:

  • How to get free press
  • Setting up a Q&A section for each product on your web site
  • Offering coupon codes and promotions that encourage customers to increase their order size

Speaking to the coupon codes and promotions tip, if you have Floating Cart enabled for your store, you already know that you can easily set up a free shipping offer for orders above a minimum order value you set. This promotion is displayed in the customer’s cart, and can be set to show a "countdown" for how much the customer must add to their order to qualify for free shipping. If you haven’t yet enabled Floating Cart, learn how you can use this feature.

Set up a free shipping offer in your store's floating cart
Set up a free shipping offer in your store’s floating cart


You can also use Coupon Manager to create a standard coupon offer for a dollar amount off, percentage off, or free shipping for orders above a certain minimum order value, and advertise this coupon code on your site. Or, if you’d like to reward a certain segment of your customers with a special discount, you can create single-use coupons. If you have Customer Registration enabled, you can use Customer Manager to easily locate customer segments you wish to target with promotional offers. Get ideas for using Customer Manager to better segment your customers and target your promotions, and learn how to use filters to gain this insight.

Use Customer Manager's filters to segment your registered customers — valuable data that can help you target your promotions
Use Customer Manager’s filters to segment your registered customers — valuable data that can help you target your promotions


Practical eCommerce offers ten new ecommerce ideas each month, so be sure to check out their archives for more great tips.

Second, if you’re using Facebook Pages to connect with your customers, promote your store, and generate traffic to your site, you’ll want to be in the know about the changes to Pages that Facebook announced earlier this month. Jeff Ente looks at what you need to know about Facebook’s switch to iFrames in his article for Mashable. Learn how using iFrames:

  • Allows you creativity and flexibility
  • Can help you establish a more direct relationship with your Facebook visitors

You may also want to read Vadim Lavrusik’s Mashable article that gives an overview of the changes, posted in mid-February.

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