Get Free, Unique Content — Rob Snell Tells You How


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Chances are that right now, you’re missing out on a veritable goldmine of free, unique content for your online store. Content that can help improve your conversions, and that has SEO benefits.

What is that source of content, you ask? Product reviews.

In his most recent Retail Smarts column, Rob Snell explains the benefits of asking your customers for product reviews, and how you can use these reviews to spot recurring themes, update product page content to reflect what customers want to know, find new keywords, and help boost conversions. He used product reviews to beef up content for one of the dog training collars sold by Gun Dog Supply, his online store, and leaves you with a homework exercise to do the same for your product pages.

Read "How To Get Free Unique Content With Product Reviews: 15,000+ Words In 12 Hours," and be sure to check out Rob’s past Retail Smarts columns.

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