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Early this morning, we released new feature enhancements for our new Site Search beta, Catalog Manager, and Customer Registration. To learn more about these enhancements, and for important release details, please keep reading.

Important release information

Your Publish Order Settings link in Store Manager may have become active following this release. Please note that an Order Settings publish is not required, unless you made changes to your Order Settings prior to the release and wish to publish these.

New Site Search and Catalog Manager features

In late 2011, we released the new Site Search beta, which included features designed for better merchandising on your search results page and an improved search experience. We’ve just added several new enhancements also designed to achieve this, and have released improvements to the search functionality to make the new Site Search even more robust. You can now:

  • Specify items to appear first in search results when a search term matches an item. You may wish to use this feature to show matching items with higher profit margins before other matching item results.*
  • Enable a "quick look" view on the search results page for item results.
  • Specify categories to show in the search bar category drop-down list.
  • Make brand name letter casing consistent for all brands displayed in the brand filter.
  • Search by UPC.
  • Enable the new Site Search beta for stores built using Web Hosting tools.
  • Use a div code to display Customer Registration and/or Floating Cart on the search results page (custom templates only).
  • Create a custom RTML template for the search results page.

*Note: A new "promoted" attribute has been added to Catalog Manager as part of the option to specify items to appear first in search results. Learn how to add this attribute.

New Site Search features in the Site Search Settings tool
New Site Search features in the Site Search Settings tool

To check out the new Site Search features, visit your Store Manager and click the "Site Search Settings" link. If you haven’t yet tried the new Site Search, you can learn more about it and get help with enabling it for your store in our online help center.

Facebook ID for Customer Registration

A new option in Checkout & Registration manager allows you to add Facebook as a provider ID shoppers can use to register and authenticate with your store, in addition to the previous Yahoo, Google, and AOL ID options. (This option is not supported for stores built using Web Hosting tools.)

To add Facebook as a provider ID option for your customers, visit the Global Settings section of Checkout & Registration Manager, and click the "Customer Registration" tab. Here, you’ll see the new "Allow Facebook ID" option. In order to enable this option, you must also create a Facebook application to generate a Facebook Application ID and Application Secret. Get help with enabling this feature.

If your store uses custom checkout CSS, please see our important notes for stores using custom checkout CSS. You will need to edit your custom checkout CSS file to enable this feature, or to modify your checkout CSS settings to use either default styles or configurable styles. Learn more.

Customers may now use their Facebook ID to register and authenticate with your store
Customers may now use their Facebook ID to register and authenticate with your store

The OpenID® format of our Customer Registration system lets customers authenticate with your store using a popular, trusted provider. By using their existing Yahoo, Facebook, Google, or AOL ID to register and authenticate with your store, your customers also won’t have to remember another user ID or password. If you’re not yet using Customer Registration, learn how to get started.

We appreciate the opportunity to bring you these enhancements, and look forward to bringing you more great features in the weeks and months ahead. Be sure to watch the blog for more release announcements.

Jennifer Farwell
Yahoo Small Business
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More good updates, keep em’ coming,

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