Shipping Promotions, Pinterest Sharing, Custom Order Marks, and Other New Updates


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Earlier this morning, we released a new shipping promotions feature for Promotions Center, along with a number of enhancements and updates to other features. Please keep reading to learn about what was released.

Important reminder: On October 4, 2012, a notice was emailed to all Yahoo Merchant Solutions and Yahoo Store merchants regarding changes to several features to support the new shipping promotions feature. These changes are now in effect, and are outlined below, along with the other enhancements and updates released. You can also read the post from October 4, 2012, about these changes.

Shipping Promotions for Promotions Center

Great news for the holiday shopping season! Promotions Center has a new shipping promotions feature that lets you:

  • Easily create free or discounted shipping promotions
  • Stack free shipping with other promotions on your site
  • Maintain complete control over when shipping promotions are offered via filters that include: location, shipping method, and order amount
  • Manage all your promotions in one place
  • Create dynamic banners to promote shipping discounts, and control where and when the banners appear

To learn more about this new feature and how to create shipping promotions, please visit our Promotions Center online help section.

Pinterest for Social Media Sharing

Along with Twitter and Facebook buttons, you can now include a Pinterest "Pin It" button on your store’s product pages (available for stores using Editor 3.0 templates only). The Pinterest sharing option will appear only on those product pages that include product images, so your customers can share your products with their Pinterest audience.

Please note that the Pinterest button is disabled by default. If you’re already using Social Media Sharing and wish to add the Pinterest button to your product pages, you’ll need to enable the new Pinterest-enable option in Store Editor, as well as add CSS to your store’s css-edits file or re-run the Design Wizard. If you are enabling Social Media Sharing for the first time, you’ll also need to manually enable the Pinterest-enable option. Check out Social Media Sharing help to get more information on how to enable this new feature.

Custom Order Marks in Order Manager

When you process an order in Order Manager, the standard set of order marks includes the following: OK, Fraudulent, Cancelled, Returned, On Hold, Pending Review. As of today, you can now add to this set of order marks by creating custom order marks to apply to your orders when applicable. Learn how to create custom order marks.

Order and Payment API Updates

Several updates have been made to Order and Payment APIs. First, the Get Order API response now includes a <GiftMessage> field for gift messages specified by a shopper (shown only when a shopper has selected the gift wrap option during checkout), as well as a new <PaymentType> field to indicate the payment type used by the customer to place their order.

Next, the <Type> field under <Promotions> now includes a "SHIPPING" value when a shipping promotion is applied to an order. This addition was made to support the new shipping promotions feature for Promotions Center.

Finally, a known issue with the <PaymentProcessor> response field has been fixed. Previously, a response that PayPal was the payment processor used for an order was not returned. You should now see this information in the <PaymentProcessor> response field.

New DOCTYPE Option for Editor 2.0 Templates

Stores using Editor 2.0 templates now have the option to add the loose.dtd URL to the DOCTYPE of site pages, using the new Use loose.dtd DOCTYPE option in Store Editor. This feature is available only for stores using Editor 2.0 templates. Learn more.

Order Export Updates

Two new column headings, "Promotion ID" and "Promotion Type," have been added to order export information for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and generic CSV export formats, to support the new shipping promotions feature for Promotions Center. The new column headings apply to all order exports for these formats, even when a promotion has not been applied to an order; however, values are only present in the columns when a promotion is applied to an order. When multiple promotions are applied to an order, the values in these columns are separated by commas.

Please note that no changes have been made to the M.O.M., QuickBooks, PC Charge, or UPS WorldShip® export formats.

XML Order Format and Yahoo Order Format Updates

The XML order format for real-time order posts and real-time tax and shipping calculation will include a new "SHIPPING" value in the "Type" field when a shipping promotion is applied. The Yahoo Order format will also include the "SHIPPING" value in the "Promo-Type" field. If you use a third-party shipping system for calculating shipping charges, you may still create shipping promotions in Promotions Center. The shipping promotion will be applied after the third-party system returns the shipping charge.

On behalf of the Yahoo Small Business team, I’d like to thank all of you for the opportunity to bring you new features and enhancements like the ones we’ve released today and throughout the year, and for your continued business. We’re all looking forward to a great holiday season ahead.

Jennifer Farwell
Yahoo Small Business
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