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Small Business Blog has moved

We’ve excited to announce that the Small Business Blog has moved to Tumblr. Please visit us here for information on tools and products needed to attract new customers, increase sales, improve efficiency, and ultimately succeed. Tweet This Post

19 Easy-to-Fix Conversion Blunders Report

The Conversions on Demand team from Exclusive Concepts, a Yahoo Small Business partner, sifted through nearly 1,000 conversion tests to find common conversion blunders. They identified 19 such blunders where an easy fix could make a big impact on online sales. See what they found out in this free eBook, 19 Easy-to-Fix Blunders That Are Hurting Your Conversion Rates.

View it here.

New eBook helps you reduce holiday cart abandonment

Discover how to reduce cart abandonment this holiday season with these just-in-time insights. See what last year’s best/worst cart abandonment days were, learn 7 tips like where to put your price guarantee to boost conversions by 9%, and more. This report is produced by Exclusive Concepts, a Yahoo Small Business partner, and is available on their Conversions On Demand website.

Click here to access your free report.

Using updated Reports feature can help reduce tax prep time

(The following is a guest post from Yahoo Merchant Solutions developer partner Kevin Richards on using the updated reports feature.)

For those of us who use the “Reports” feature of the Store, Yahoo has created a cleaner interface. Many store owners use this feature when it comes to tax time, as it’s very easy to see the total value of orders were received. These totals are calculated based on the orders that were received, after deducting returns and fraudulent orders. At, we mark orders that are either not shipped or are returned in our Yahoo Store Order Manager. Regular “pruning” of the orders helps keep our reports accurate and makes tax reporting a little less stressful []

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