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Small Business Blog has moved

We’ve excited to announce that the Small Business Blog has moved to Tumblr. Please visit us here for information on tools and products needed to attract new customers, increase sales, improve efficiency, and ultimately succeed. Tweet This Post

Marketplace Fairness Act

We’ve heard from a number of retailers using Yahoo Merchant Solutions regarding the Marketplace Fairness Act, proposed legislation currently moving through Congress. If this legislation becomes law, it will affect a certain number of you — specifically those of you who sell more than $1 million in goods and services out-of-state annually.

We wanted to take an opportunity to share a brief summary of current U.S. law, as well as a summary of the proposed legislation. We want to help merchants stay on top of the latest information, as it may have an impact on their online business.

Some states impose a sales tax, some states do not. This proposed legislation would not change that. Under current law, states can require businesses with a physical presence in the state to collect sales taxes from their customers. In addition, online shoppers in 45 states are required to report the sales taxes they owe on their Internet purchases to their state tax department. The proposed legislation would change the way these taxes are collected []

Adding a Little Bling to Your Site

I’ve seen a few merchants ask how to add a favicon to their site. If you don’t know what a favicon is, it’s the small icon that appears for some sites in the address bar of your browser or in the bookmarks or favorites listings. Figure 1: Favicon appearing in the Address bar Figure 2: […]

Merchant Question: Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Had to Get Away

I recently received the following question from a merchant: I run a Yahoo store that is still small enough to be in my home. I anticipate taking it into a real office space and hiring employees within 2 years. On average, [I receive] about 12 orders per day. In the past our store when we […]

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