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Small Business Blog has moved

We’ve excited to announce that the Small Business Blog has moved to Tumblr. Please visit us here for information on tools and products needed to attract new customers, increase sales, improve efficiency, and ultimately succeed. Tweet This Post

Announcing static URLs for your item images

Starting on July 8, 2013, and over the coming weeks, the first phase of a new static URLs feature for item images will be rolled out to all Yahoo Merchant Solutions and Yahoo Store accounts. When an item image has a static URL, this means that the URL (web address) of your item image doesn’t change. The release of this feature will be a two-phase staggered rollout. When each phase is released for your store, you’ll see a notice posted in your Store Manager.

When the first phase is released for your store, only new item images that you upload will be given SEO-friendly static URLs. Existing item images will remain as they are currently. The default base file name for newly-uploaded item images will be based on []

SEO for Yahoo Store Retailers

Yahoo Store and SEO expert Rob Snell has a great new Yahoo Store SEO post up on his blog that’s well worth a read.

In his post, Rob discusses his views on SEO problems, what to look at to know if your SEO is really working or not, where to begin, and more.

Read Rob’s take on SEO for retailers.

Free Webinar: Some Content Hurts, Some Content Helps

On Wednesday, February 22, at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT, join Yahoo Merchant Solutions developer partner Exclusive Concepts for a free webinar, Some Content Hurts, Some Content Helps. This webinar looks at recent Google updates targeting sites with low quality content, and will:

  • Discuss why well-written content isn’t always high quality
  • Examine what differentiates low quality content from high quality content
  • Look at how to create high quality content
  • Explore what may help you achieve a high Panda quality score

Learn about the benefits of high quality content. Sign up for the free webinar []

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