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Small Business Blog has moved

We’ve excited to announce that the Small Business Blog has moved to Tumblr. Please visit us here for information on tools and products needed to attract new customers, increase sales, improve efficiency, and ultimately succeed. Tweet This Post

Developer Tip: The Case of the Disappearing Breadcrumbs

Today’s Y! Store Blog post comes from Yahoo Merchant Solutions developer partner Istvan Siposs, president of Y-Times Publications, LLC.

If your store has breadcrumbs, at one time or another you may have come across a page that, for whatever reason, was missing breadcrumbs. If you find yourself with this problem, before reaching for the phone and calling your developer saying your breadcrumbs are broken, read on.

Breadcrumbs typically work off the structure of your store. Any page that is a descendant of the home page one way or another will have a breadcrumbs trail. But how can you tell if a page is a descendant of the home page? []

Tips for Optimizing Product Page Cross-Sell

We’re pleased to see so many merchants taking advantage of the product page cross-sell feature we released last fall. Cross-sell is a great way to give exposure to more products, but merchants should take note that its success depends not only on what is being cross-sold, but how it is presented. Product page cross-sell gives […]

Looking for Links in all the Right Places

Today’s Y!Store blog is another guest column by long-time Yahoo Store owner and developer Rob Snell of Snell Brothers, still located in sleepy Starkville, Mississippi. Rob blogs about Yahoo Store, speaks at search conferences about Yahoo Store, is the author of a not so new book on Yahoo Store: Starting a Yahoo Business For Dummies, […]

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