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New Feature: Saved Cards for Customer Registration

A few weeks back, a pre-announcement about the new Saved Cards feature for Customer Registration appeared here on the Yahoo Store Blog. I’m happy to let you know that as of early this morning, Saved Cards is available for all Merchant Solutions and Yahoo Store accounts.

In order to use Saved Cards, our Customer Registration system must be enabled for your store.

Note: If you have not published your Order Settings since the end of June, you may see an active Publish Order Settings link in Store Manager due to work performed in order to release Saved Cards. Unless you are enabling Saved Cards or have made your own updates, no changes requiring an Order Settings publish have been made []

Tune in to Ecom Experts for Customer Registration Best Practices

Wondering how or why to implement Customer Registration on your Yahoo store? Tune in to hear our own Michael Ober, Senior Manager, Merchant Development, speak about the latest feature release for Yahoo Merchant Solutions: Customer Registration. Mike will be joining Shawna Seigel (formerly Fennell) on her weekly radio show, Ecom Experts, which airs on Monday, August 30, at 6pm EDT on WebmasterRadio.FM.

Mike and Shawna will be discussing the features released earlier this month, how they can benefit your store, and best practices for Customer Registration on your Yahoo store. The two will also be answering your specific questions. Submit your site for a live review or ask your Customer Registration, or other ecommerce-related question at EcomQuestion.

Introducing Customer Registration

We’ve hinted at it over the last few months, and we’re very happy to announce that on Tuesday, we released the first phase of Customer Registration for your Yahoo store. This first phase, launched in beta, introduces registration, sign-in, and account features for your store customers, making it easy for customers to register their information and to enjoy a faster, more efficient checkout experience.

If you’ve signed into your Store Manager since Tuesday morning, you may have noticed that Checkout Manager is now called Checkout & Registration Manager, and that a beta label appears beside this link. The beta label applies to the registration feature only, and not to your checkout pages or the sections of Checkout & Registration Manager that existed prior to this release. We’ve released Customer Registration in beta because during this phase, we’ve introduced mainly buyer-facing features, and not the full feature set. The general release, which will include a merchant feature set, is currently set for early 2011 []