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Help Protect Your Valuable Business Data with SOS Online Backup

In recent weeks, we here at Yahoo Small Business have been working closely with SOS Online Backup, a provider of secure and affordable data backup services. We recognized that like most small business owners, you probably rely on your business data being accessible at any time. Ideally, you’d have the ability to retrieve your data from anywhere you have access to a computer or mobile device, and an Internet, WiFi, or cellular data network connection. And, it’s safe to say that you’d like this data to be protected against hardware failure or accidentally being deleted.

SOS Online Backup provides all of this for you in one plan, for one price. Unlike a number of other data backup services available to small businesses, you can back up an unlimited number of PCs, up to your plan’s allotted storage space, without having to pay for additional backup accounts or licensing fees. You can also access an unlimited history of your file archives or changes, and not just a limited number of days or versions like some other data backup services offer. These archives don’t count against your storage space. The 3-tiered, secure encryption system helps ensure your data is secure on your computer, in transit, and while it is stored. And, SOS Online Backup provides you with global access to your files with a web browser or any web browser-enabled device, wherever you have Internet, WiFi, or cellular data network access[]