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New: Page-Level 301 Redirects for Your Store

Many of you have asked for the option to create page-level 301 redirects for your store. Page Redirect Manager – a new feature we released yesterday morning – gives you this ability.

Page Redirect Manager is designed to assist you with your search engine optimization (SEO) and site management efforts. A 301 redirect (also known as a "permanent redirect") can be used to help retain a site page’s existing search engine ranking when the URL of the page changes, in addition to redirecting your site traffic.

For example, you may have a product page on your site that already ranks well in search results, but you’ve decided to rename the page to incorporate keywords as part of your SEO efforts. Or perhaps the page for a discontinued product ranks highly in search results, and you’d like to direct search engines and site traffic to a page for a similar product you carry. Maybe you have a site hosted outside of Yahoo with pages that receive significant traffic and rank well with search engines, and you’d like to move that site onto the Yahoo Merchant Solutions platform but retain the []

SEO for Ecommerce: Advice from Rob Snell

PubCon South at Austin ended yesterday, and if you’re a longtime follower of the Yahoo Store Blog, you know what that means: SEO expert, marketing guru, and Starting a Yahoo Business for Dummies author Rob Snell has posted his presentation slides and a transcript chock full of great advice.

When you check out his SEO for E-Commerce presentation, you’ll find out:

  • Why you should prioritize your keywords based on how much revenue they generate
  • Why, if you’re prioritizing your keywords by traffic, you may be prioritizing the wrong thing
  • How to organize buckets of keywords, and why you should add buying modifiers to text on specific product pages
  • Why you should link to your best pages using your best keywords []

SEO Friday: Articles to Kick Off Your Weekend

I know you love SEO tips. And I know you especially love SEO tips from marketing guru Rob Snell, who uses his SEO expertise to sell dog training collars on Gun Dog Supply, his Yahoo store, and often shares his valuable insights with Yahoo Store Blog readers.

If you haven’t seen his latest Retail Smarts column for Search Engine Land, which looks at how he achieved a 300% retail sales explosion with 30 minutes of SEO, I recommend that you take a few minutes to read it. Here are a few of the SEO gems you’ll come away with []

Rob Snell Shares Retail Smarts

Be sure to check out today’s Retail Smarts column on Search Engine Land, written by Rob Snell. For those of you out there who are new to the blog, Rob Snell has sold dog training collars and equipment on his Yahoo store, Gun Dog Supply, since 1997; authored Starting a Yahoo Business for Dummies; teaches conversion optimization and SEO for ecommerce; and contributes valuable Y! Store Blog posts from time to time.

In "Online Retailers: Need a $10,354,767 Sales Bump?," Rob writes about:

  • How he currently does SEO for online stores
  • Putting a dollar figure on SEO
  • How to use analytics to prioritize pages
  • A homework exercise you can do to evaluate your homepage links []

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